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Building like a Pro: Introduction

This is the first of a series of posts where I intend to explore the challenges and showcase approaches to building a product using MSBuild, beyond just building a .csproj or .sln of course ;). [Read More]
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Leveraging Azure Functions for MIT AppInventor Web Interactions

I’m contributing a few hours a week on Fridays to tutor kids on programming and a bit of electronics, in what we call a “Geeks’ School” (or Escuela de Geeks). I’m always exploring ways to make it more interesting for kids (12-16yo) to learn programming. I found out that given that the cellphone (mostly Androids here in Argentina) is their primary computing device, they were instantly hooked to the MIT AppInventor 2 platform. [Read More]

Xamarin Mac Build Host Versioning

Before I eventually get to the protocol layer underlying the new build host in Xamarin 4 (as promissed in a previous post that introducing it, I wanted to mention how we architected it from the get go for a key scenario that we’ll want to enable in the future: side-by-side (SxS) versioning. [Read More]

XBuild Achilles Heels

Invariably, every time I complain about XBuild, some long-time user of it tells me it’s not so bad and it actually works pretty fine if you know its limitations. So I set out to document those, since in my experience, they are so many as to cause beautifully and carefully crafted MSBuild targets to become an entanglement of obsolete elements for the sake of satisfying XBuild (i.e. usage of CreateProperty and CreateItem tasks, when declarative items and property groups are perfect in MSBuild). [Read More]
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Open Source is never Abandonware

Some time ago, Scott Hanselman posted on Abandonware and used my original Schematron.NET, which made it even to an MSDN article by the (back then) .NET XML PM Dare Obasanjo, as an example of abandonware: [Read More]