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Authoring IDE-only tests

API exploration, whether third party or your own, is a necessary and unavoidable part of regular development. There are many mechanisms available today for doing such exploration in a one-time, throw-away style, but it might be worth considering keeping those explorations around in your code base and even make them easily executable within the IDE afterwards, for further learning or other team members’ benefit. [Read More]
Tags: dotnet testing

NuGetizer as an alternative to .NET SDK Pack

There is a very long standing feature request for NuGet Pack to “allow project reference DLLs to be added to the parent nupkg for pack target like IncludeReferencedProjects in nuget.exe”. This has been going on for years (5 almost as of 2021) and has had over 260 comments so far. Seems like quite the significant pain point for some customers. [Read More]
Tags: nuget sdk dotnet