Recently I was catching up on the latest & greatest guidance for NuGet package authors (such as Meziantou’s blog and the new Microsoft docs on packaging best practices) and I realized it’s non-trivial to keep track of those on every library project you ship.

So I decided to supercharge NuGetizer with the knowledge of these guidelines, so it can be even more helpful when authoring non-trivial nuget packages!

So let’s see what’s in store for your new package!

NG0101: Default description detected

Perhaps you came across some of these popular packages and thought “How come they all came up with the same crappy description?”:

packages with default description

Turns out that the .NET built-in NuGet targets set this automatically for you, which isn’t actually very helpful, is it?

NuGetizer will detect this and issue a warning now:

warning for default description

NG0102: Default authors detected

Likewise, trying to be helpful, the .NET SDK will default the project’s Authors property to the AssemblyName, but since the package authors metadata should instead be a coma-separated list of profile names, we flag that as a warning too:

warning for default authors

NG0103: Package icon missing

Highly recommended to get a more professional look on!

info for missing icon

NG0104: Package readme missing

Package readme on can greately improve the experience for new users! It’s a great way to highlight the key features of your project, and you should definitely consider adding one.

NOTE: if you have multiple packages and want to reuse common sections of markdown across them, NuGetizer makes this straightforward too!

info for missing readme

As noted, NuGetizer will make sure the readme you specified as a project property is properly packed without any further configuration on your part!

NG0105 and NG0106: Package license missing or duplicate

A must-have piece of metadata.

info for missing license

NOTE: NuGetizer uses SponsorLink to properly attribute your sponsorship to help keep the project healthy and actively maintained. You’ll see the heartfelt thanks there too every now and then 💜.

It will also error if you have duplicate license attributes, which is not allowed:

info for missing license

NG0107, NG0108, NG0110: Source control information missing

Only when packing (either inside Visual Studio or via dotnet pack), additional analyzers will check whether you’re providing the RepositoryCommit and RepositoryUrl. These are populated automatically when using Source Link, so the diagnostics link to it automatically.

info for missing source control info

While they may seem redundant, they are not! NG0107 checks for RepositoryCommit specifically. You might have installed Source Link but may be building a package from a non-source controlled location.

NG0110 checks for Source Link itself, and NG0108 checks for RepositoryUrl: this property might not be appropriate to all projects, especially if they are not open source. The diagnostic suggests setting PublishRepositoryUrl=true for your project if you want the Source Link-determined repo url to be published.

For example, for a non-oss project, you’ll likely still want to have RepositoryCommit populated for troubleshooting purposes, but not RepositoryUrl.

NG0109: Project URL missing

While RepositoryUrl is inteded for source control software consumption, the PackageProjectUrl project property should be set to a user-facing home page where users can engage with you.

NuGetizer will default both to the same value, but suggest that you provide a unique one for the latter. It might be OK for both to be the same in case your project home page is the same as your repo home page.

info for missing project url

NG0111: EmbedUntrackedSources not set

When EmbedUntrackedSources is set to ‘true’, Source Link will embed in your PDB the items that participated in the compile, but not are included in source control. This improves the debugging experience for your users:

info for missing embed sources

As more recomendations become best practices, we’ll incorporate more diagnostics. You can also recommend new ones on the NuGetizer repository.

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Happy packing!